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In addition to direct financial losses, server downtime will result in your employees losing workflow, or worse an entire manufacturing process may be delayed or terminated as a result of an unplanned network outage.

IT downtime will also hinder your company from delivering services to clients, cost you opportunities for new business, and give you a bad reputation among clients. Worst-case scenario, server downtime comes with the potential risk of data fraud.

It's for these reasons that you need stable, high-speed internet connectivity. Xtranet ensures that your network functions 24/7 enabling your teams to seamlessly collaborate to further your business goals.

Virtual Private Network VPN

For increased flexibility, your employees may need to work from home or other locations. As a result, they may need to work from unsecured public networks which may expose your confidential data to cyber-attacks. A VPN will solve your predicament by allowing employees to access network resources from any location securely. Consult us to find out the most effective, cost-friendly VPN solution to choose, considering the size and complexity of your company network and line of business.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

If your business spans beyond a single location, you need a WAN to interconnect your offices, data centres, cloud applications, and cloud storage in a safe and secure manner. Our technical team at Xtranet Solutions is experienced to set up and maintain all your wide space networks. We are committed to helping you communicate with all your teams and also with clients and other stakeholders beyond your WAN.

WiFi and Hotspot Solutions

Access download speeds of up to 200Mbps with our WiFi solutions. Any maintenance issues will be attended to swiftly by our proactive team. Xtranet’s hotspot solutions are customised to cater for the expanding needs of your business. We ensure that the hotspot to the internet has authentication capabilities to enable maximum security and block unauthorised users from accessing your company wifi.

We use the latest wireless technology

At Xtranet Solutions, we thrive to stay on top of technological advancements. Get access to the latest generation and standard for wireless networking,6th generation Wi-Fi (also known as 802.11ax) with us.

3rd Party Application Software Support

Where would your business be without the internet? With many organisations hosting their technology and applications in the cloud, having high speed, reliable internet connectivity gives businesses a competitive edge. It brings your people together, promotes project collaboration and enables you to quickly deliver services to your customers.

Let us professionally manage your IT for excellent results.

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