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The right cloud solution will help your business gain more flexibility while reducing upfront costs required by traditional data storage methods. With Xtranet’s cloud solutions, you get to enjoy automatic updates and the ability to easily scale your cloud infrastructure up or down according to fluctuating business needs.

Cloud Migration

Many companies are moving their IT resources and digital assets into the cloud in an effort to achieve more flexibility, reduce ICT-related costs, and take full advantage of cloud scalability. If you’re experiencing challenges due to ageing on-site servers or undependable firewall appliances no longer functioning at their best capacity, you may be due for a shift to the cloud. This process requires professional analysis and implementation to match your business requirements with the best cloud solution. We have successfully helped tens of clients migrate to the cloud. We’ll do it for you too.

Cloud Monitoring

Our staff members are fully equipped with monitoring tools to scan for problems in the cloud that might impede your business from delivering a service or product to the customer. They consistently check the performance, security parameters, and capacity of your cloud computing resources to eliminate potential breaches and ensure the total security of your data in the cloud.

Let us professionally manage your IT for excellent results.

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